About Us

The Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance (AFA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of Georgia's underserved and economically disadvantaged communities through filmmaking. Our focus is utilizing filmmaking to build community and humanity. Together with independent makers spanning all disciplines within the film industry, Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance offers humanitarian events, workshops, pro-bono services, and meaningful support for the community, projects and creators working to amplify and serve Georgia’s disadvantaged.

“When you look through the lens of a camera, you get a totally different perspective,” says AFA Founder and Board Chairperson Tonya Grace. With that in mind, the Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance was formed in 2012 to impact lives through entertainment and creativity. Since its conception, the organization has supported over 20 independent film projects each year, in addition to sparking innumerable productive industry relationships, both within the AFA and beyond. In addition to supporting independent projects and artists, the AFA connects vulnerable communities and at-risk youth with equipment, education, mentorship, and guidance.

In its effort to support independent projects, artists, and underserved communities that lack access to industry education and connections, the Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance offers financial assistance, sponsorship and partnership for other grants, access to filmmaking equipment, and perhaps most valuable, access to mentorship throughout the independent film community.

Ultimately, the Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance connects creativity and community consciousness through independent film at all levels.

On Set

Our Mission

On Set

The Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance supports community consciousness and development through independent filmmaking. By bridging the gap between entertainment and community advancement, the AFA hopes to support passion projects that positively impact each film’s creators, crew, and audience through workshops, access to equipment, financial support, and industry mentorship.

AFA’s vision: Inspiring films from Georgia communities that reach world-wide audiences.

Board of Directors

Chris Stevens | Advisory Board Member
Constance Folsom | Treasurer
Tonya Grace | Founder
Bridget Donaldson | Advisory Board
Giselle Malluche | Secretary
Kevin Nwankwor | Advisory Board Member

Vision Initiatives

Our Vision Initiatives use filmmaking as an art to advance the trajectory of youth who face hardship in Georgia. We have selected three primary initiatives that are the most impactful for members of the Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance.

Internships & Workshops

Our internships, workshops and summer work study programs assist with training children and teens throughout the year with programs geared toward keeping Georgia students busy and productive. These programs include filmmaking, community outreach, and mentorship programs for at-risk youth.


Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance celebrates and encourages the continuous pursuit of knowledge by providing scholarships to Georgia's aspiring film students who excel academically, but need additional assistance in their pursuit of higher education. We award scholarships to students with a 3.0 GPA pursuing a degree in film or other creative arts.

Festivals, Screenings & Awards

Our festivals, screenings, and awards are the ideal place for indie artists to display their talents in an atmosphere that stimulates creative minds and catapults filmmaking careers. "Marvelous Moves on Film" is a children's festival produced by Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance, filled with green aspirations on film. Through this program, children learn how to make better choices for healthy living.