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Antihuman Trafficking PSA Registration

AFA Antihuman Trafficking PSA Challenge Registration

Complete Release Form before Registration if images of People are Present in PSA. Consent Forms are located on the AFA Antihuman Trafficking Call to Action Page along with contest rules and the privacy policy. Consent-Release Form/s must be completed and uploaded to this registration. This registration is for Anti-Human Trafficking PSA's. If images of people are present in PSA, registration is void without Consent Form.
  • Drop files here or
    All consent forms must be signed by the appropriate parties or submission is void. Please see contest rules and consent form for more information. Find consent forms here:
  • Please select the category that applies to your team's PSA
  • We encourage all contest participants to upload their PSA video to Youtube and post the link here; however, other platforms such as Vimeo are acceptable. By entering the website link to your PSA video here, you claim and agree that you are the producer of the video and have rights for posting.
  • Check all the above filled boxes- click the "Submit" button to be directed to the registration donation page to complete your PSA registration for entry into the contest. Best of Luck and Thank you for helping with the fight against Human Trafficking!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.