Brett Lynch

Director, 1st Assistant AD, 1st or 2nd Assistant Camera, and Graphic Artist


I moved out here to Atlanta 5 years ago now from Los Angeles. I have a degree in film production with an emphasis in directing. I have worked on sets both non and union. I love working on set and have a knack for 1st AD work as my military background lends itself to staying organized and on schedule.

I started out working as an actor and specialty character for just about every military and SWAT show on television. I moved into advising where did small unit tactics and military advising for such syndicated shows as NCIS and Criminal Minds.

I have trained A list actors like Tom Cruise, Esai Morales, and Ray Stevenson for acting roles involving small unit tactics and marksmanship.

Although Directing is my most sought after position, I like being involved in just about any project that I can use my creative talents to the story, whether it’s behind or in front of the camera.