Nicolas Avrand



I started to make movies when I was 12 years old with a handycam my mother bought me. It was a revelation, because it was the first time I put some images on my words, on my feelings. I made some movies with my neighborhood friends and created with them a non-profit organization at 17 years old, in 2007. After a literary bachelor with cinema option, I followed a license in Cinema at Nice (French Riviera) and I came up through the ranks working for television, feature lengths and commercials as assistant director. But I really wanted to make my own movies. I continued to write projects and directed some of them like “Dystopia” in 2011 and “Now Air” in 2013. Until I created my own company Emblem Production in 2015. I directed corporate films, commercials and music videos for clients, wanting to produce short movies with profits. In 2019, I directed Wilderness, based on true events with the supports of Bamboo Lab, Samyang and Quiksilver. In 2020, I directed another short movie named Stryge and finished to write my feature : Echoes (Drama-Romance) currently in development. I also wrote two tv series : The Orphans (Drama) and Extractions (Drama).