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Jessica Young Films

Creative, Director, and Motivator…Jessica Young known as the “Queen of Short Films” has created and produced ground-breaking visual branding products through video production. Her keen eye for creativity and dedication to excellence, propelled her to launch Jessica Young Films, LLC., where she is the Executive Producer for projects that have graced the platforms of BET,…

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Havilah C. Driver

I’m a screenwriter, producer, blogger, voice actress and actress. I wrote, directed and produced short films Fade to Black and Stereotypes in 2011. Writing has been my passion since the age of 7. I write short films, blogs and poetry. I was the 1st Place Winner of the 2016 Youth Entrepreneurs of Georgia Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Business…

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MadMen Films

Atlanta base independent film & video company. We create, write, film, edit and produces shorts films, feature films, online content, commercials. Being a graduate of Art Institute of Atlanta with a BS of fine Arts. I have made filming my life and love for the past 9 yrs.

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Cloud Go

Company founder for Grammy Award for Best Music Video producer, that is starting his live project of a fiction shorts and feature film projects.

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Nabrauski Thomas/ NuMind Productions

I am a writer/playwright, producer, musician, song writer that have produced 6 stageplays since 2012. I will be receiving a writers credit for upcoming movie airing early 2020. I am a creator of content as well as a business coach that currently owns Clear Vision Graphix which handles marketing, branding, photography and more. I look…

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Mack Escape Hatch Productions

“A Storyteller with Style”. I am a writer, director and producer for my own projects as well as others. I have wrote and produced a full web series called “The Adjuncts” on Youtube and soon to be re-released on the app THEA during summer 2019. I have written, directed and produced my first feature film,…

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Jason Nadle

I have been involved with several films as a production assistant, but now I am ready to take the next step.

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Kaneen Morgan

I am an author, ghostwriter, content developer, and inspiring coach for writing, publishing, and personal branding. With an academic background in Journalism and a Master’s in Business, my passion for writing has led me to see a writer in all. My mission is to inscribe voices on the world’s podium in the areas of books,…

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AsWeDream Music LLC

We are a Father/Son team creating classic pop-rock, guitar-driven original music for visuals. Think/Feel the Beatles, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Zeppelin, Bacharach, Mancini & Jobim. Sophisticated, sensitive & heartfelt. Complex, melodic + bittersweet, à la 50s-80s.

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Jorge Barboza

Writer, Editor & Producer. Born in Venezuela, moved to USA after receiving a Latin Grammy for Best Music Video in 2007. Here I have worked with companies such as Disney, Discovery, History and a few renown latin artist from the music industry.

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