Shamnas PP

Director and Screenwriter

PP House


Shamnas had a great passion for acting that was the reason for directing short films. He discovered the beauty and art of the direction and started loving it.
He started shooting a short film “Musafir”, which was one of the first and best trendsetters among the film Gulf filmmakers. The film bagged many awards, than expected and received critical and audience appraisal. Then, he continued his passion.
Along the road of filmmaking, he found buddies of similar taste, Sameir Ali, Shoukath Edappal, Sakeer Othallur, Sajad Azeez and formed a company named “Hobby Vision” and produced many projects. They created so many acclaimed movies like “Soulmates”, “The Elevator”, “Dew Drops”, “The Light”, “Flying Sparrows” and more short and sweet films as a result of this teamwork. They won so many awards and accolades.
Future film projects?
There are few projects that may get international attention and the script is almost ready and the story is hovering in his mind. At the moment, the team is preparing for a low budget Indie feature film. A very challenging one but there is no impossible for a positively driven filmmaker like him.
Like every filmmaker, a budget is a challenge, there is hope that it can overcome.
Great making, great Films, are the principal target.
These festivals and awards lift us to the wizard of cinema.
A dream come true and he will strive to perfection in filmmaking here and back home in India.
(From the bulletin of Emirates Short Film Festival UAE)