Thank you

Sponsors and Donors!
We Thank Walton Electric, Belk and Our List of Donors (Below in order by donation submission date) for Helping us in the Fight Against Human Trafficking.
If you'd like to donate to help in the fight, click here. Proceeds go towards raising awareness, gaining community involvement and providing education to prevent human trafficking.

Walton Electric

K. Tyus
S. Millican
J. Spruce
J. Kawata
J. Pugh
S. Roy
A. Minott
E. Pompey
S. Helton
A. Archibald
M. Mitchell
A. Ouattara
H.R. Watson
S. Griffin
D. Garrison
G. Arondel
J. Farley
R. Wilson
J. Davis
A. Wilson
A. Xiques
S. Bhatia
L. Eby
M. Harris
N. Deloach
J. Jenkins
W. High
G. Ferguson
A. McCarthy
B. McDonald
A. Calderon
A. Burgess
J. Bates
C. Hughes
R. Modi
A. Anelone
R. McCuthan
Mr. Olphe
P. Swint
T. Adams
V. Boraros
E. Wyatt
R. Gilliam
D. Pate
G. Graf
P. Henderson
T. Johnson
H. Michael
B. Bailey
E. Jimerson
L. Langford
N. Taylor